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Helpdesk ticket system

     Deliver awesome support to your customers. The Helpdesk ticketing system is dead simple, amazingly powerful and easy to set up. Just forward support emails to the helpdesk app and start managing tickets. We have both the cloud-hosted and on-premise versions. Both integrate perfectly with your mailboxes, Active Directory, Google Drive etc.

Helpdesk Ticket system

     Ticketing software for your customer service team. Tracks support requests, fully integrates with your mailbox. This is the "on-premise" version. We also have a hosted one. Affordable, fast, lightweight and good-looking Helpdesk Ticketing System with UNLIMITED users.

All tickets at a glance

     The main screen of the help desk software features a powerful grid showing all the information about your current tickets. You can easily sort and filter requests, review current statistics and even perform "bulk" operations without leaving the page. For example, assign multiple tickets to agents, merge, close, delete tickets etc.

     Different list modes let you switch between "all", "in progress" and "unanswered" ticketing queues. In addition, you can switch to the "assigned to you" tickets, to tickets from a specific company, a specific customer etc.

     Whether you're a techsupport "agent", an "administrator" or a "manager", the grid easily adjusts to your current needs. This is the screen you're gonna be looking at for the most part of your workday, so we've literally spent years polishing it.

     Everything you see on this page updates in real-time. You don't ever need to refresh the page - all data you see is always current.

Team mailbox

Team Mailbox.png

     Imagine a great shared "inbox" for your helpdesk team, then throw in some advanced reporting, bulk-actions, ticket-merging, flexibility and transparency for the end-customer.

     The main ticket list lets you and your team see everything that's happening at a glance. It helps you prioritize your support ticket queue and see what needs your attention right now.

     With rich filtering and sorting features you will never forget to reply to another ticket again.

Everything is neatly organized

      The Dashboard will help you to monitor all the tickets. Everything related to a ticket is shown on a single page: the entire conversation, attachments, internal communications and other activity etc. You no longer need to dig through your support mailbox trying to find "that email you got from a customer a week ago".

All the features you need. When you need them.

     We know how hard it can be to stay on top of your game when dealing with hundreds of tickets every day. Our helpdesk ticketing system is not yet another thing on top of everything else you have to deal with. It is designed to be invisible and make your life easier without adding more complications.

     We have all the features you might need from IT ticketing system software- two-way email integration, file attachments, powerful ticket search, knowledge base and much more. But the best part is, if you don't need a feature, you probably won't even see it and it won't stand in your way.

Categories & Tags

     There is a lot more than writing replies to customers during a typical helpdesk-agent workday. We need to move tickets around, merge and link them together, search for tickets etc. We probably spend half of our day doing all those things.

     Support tickets are being assigned to "categories" - this is the main feature to help you organize things up a little. You can distribute tickets across categories manually, make customers choose a category during the ticket creation or do this automatically via Automation Rules (see below) or email engine settings. Categories provide many additional benefits - you can assign team members to specific categories, build reports using only the tickets you need, easily search for tickets and much more

     You can also add tags to your tickets. You can use tags in addition to categories, a ticket can even have multiple tags assigned to it. For example we add the "feature request" tag to easily find all the ongoing feature requests.

HelpDesk Automation

     Our "if this then that" engine lets you automate the most boring parts of your job to save you a lot of time.


     With Automation Rules you can send automatic replies, assign technicians to tickets, set due dates and even send HTTP requests to third-party servers when various events happen in your help desk.


     Enjoyed by our power users, Automation Rules take care of all the routine saving you time to help customers.

Automation Rules

     Wouldn't it be nice to minimize the routine in our jobs? Very popular with our power users, Automation Rules is a super powerful feature that lets you automate the most boring parts of your job. Basically its a built-in "if this do that" module

Help Desk Automation.png

Knowledge-base & web-portal for end-users

Knowledge-base and web-portal for end-us

     Searchable FAQ/Knowledge-base and the self-service "web-portal" for submitting and tracking tickets via the web-interface. Allow end-users to communicate with helpdesk technicians within the portal.

     Customize the web-portal by adding your logo, favicon or even custom CSS. Track visits with Google Analytics (or any other JavaScript-tracking), assign permissions to Knowledge-base articles. Help users solve trivial issues on their own.


The Helpdesk Ticket System comes with built-in integration with Slack, Jira, Github, Dropbox, Google Drive, Asana, Harvest, Visual Studio Online, and many other. It is also connected to Zapier that allows integrating with Voxtron Contact Center and 500+ different apps. And the built-in API ad webhooks allow connecting your in-house apps in a second.

We also have several built-in single-sign on options that offer authenticating users via SAML, Active Directory (including Azure), Google Account or your own custom app or website.

Helpdesk Reports

     Our Reports make it easy to keep an eye on your IT-team performance. It has a set of built-in reports that will give you insights about various things and a "custom report" tool that lets you build your own reports quickly. [Read More]

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