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          Companies now need to provide a seamless experience, regardless of channel or device. Consumers can now engage with a company in a physical store, on an online website or mobile app, through a catalog, or through social media. They can access products and services by calling a company on the phone, by using an app on their mobile smartphone, or with a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop computer. Each piece of the consumer’s experience should be consistent and complementary.

          Voxtron Communication Centre(VCC) is designed to orchestrate the customer experience across all channels so that it is seamless, integrated, and consistent. Omni-channel anticipates that customers may start in one channel and move to another as they progress to a resolution.

          VCC Omni-channel contact center capabilities – from voice, email, webchat, social media, video and SMS – are seamlessly connecting businesses of all sizes to their customers.

Omni Channel

          Many customers prefer to communicate by email. It offers the advantage of a clear audit trail, with time/date stamp evidence. Now you can give emails the attention they deserve with intelligent email queuing, predefined reply templates, skills-based routing and more.

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          Faxing is still alive and well in many industries. Fax queuing improves the access, control and security of fax communications, plus there’s no need for paper archiving – all faxes are converted into images for easy storage.

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          Text messages are handy for appointment reminders, competitions, promotions and surveys. Your contact center can be optimized to send and receive SMS communications efficiently.

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           Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter let your customers share their opinion and experiences with their friends / followers. Find and respond to social media conversations related to your brand or organization, recognize and reward positive comments and efficiently manage negative comments before they can do any real…

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          The technology is available for you to communicate with your customers face to face. Video chat allows companies to re-create the in-store or personalized experience in a way that’s convenient for the customer.

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          Online customers can also simply click on an icon to request a callback from an agent, reducing customer frustration by making the process effortless for the customer.

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          Online customers can request a text chat with the individual or department who’s best-equipped to help. Alternatively, they can simply click on an icon to request a callback from an agent.

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