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Optimized Contact Center Productivity for 10 to 1000 agents

          Tikal Networks is an innovative provider of advanced contact center solutions. Our feature-rich contact center solutions were designed with your specific needs in mind by delivering the benefits of large, custom-built contact center systems at a highly competitive price.

Tikal Networks was founded in 2004 and has a large customer base that includes prominent businesses in the communications, financial services, government, tourism, transportation and many other sectors.

We are confident in our understanding of the market needs and the ability of our solutions to improve your customer interactions, whether inbound, outbound or blended.

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Tikal: Contact Center

          The Tikal’s award-winning Contact Center platform delivers all the benefits of large custom-built systems at a competitive cost and reduced complexity. The company has vast experience in call center design, deployment and operation along with similiar experience with contact centers that manage mission-critical systems.

Today, with the Tikal Contact Center, the direct correlation between great service and business success is now within the reach of SMBs and mid-market companies.

The features of the Tikal Contact Center have been designed with effective and intuitive operations as a top priority. The system can be easily and efficiently deployed as a complete contact center solution in a short period of time, enabling immediate use of the system, which is a great saving by itself.

The Tikal Contact Center can be provided as a fully integrated system with an advanced, feature-rich communication system (the Tikal PBX system).

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Tikal: PBX System

The Tikal PBX System is a comprehensive telephony system for enterprises and government organizations. The Tikal PBX System delivers reliable, feature-rich IP-PBX capabilities using an open source Asterisk server. The system can be provided on premise with off-the-shelf hardware or as a cloud-based solution in a SaaS model.

Tikal Networks is a premier SMB to enterprise IP-PBX supplier with wide installation experience. Our system serves hundreds of companies in daily, mission critical telephony operations.

The Tikal PBX System has a wide range of features. The system’s base features are a complete Asterisk set with additional application features that have been added by Tikal.

The number of features and additional application is massive and is continuously growing. When designing, configuring and operating your system, you do not have to trade off system costs for performance or reliability. Features can be added with any future upgrades. Some features may need more computing, storage or network resources. These can also be added at any future upgrade.

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Tikal: Solutions


Do you provide ongoing customer service or support?

We empower you to efficiently deliver high-end customer experience and consistently improve customer loyalty.

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Do you directly reach out to your customers and the market?

We provide you with the framework to profitably expand your market reach, improve sales and grow your business.

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Do you manage both inbound and outbound customer interactions?

We give you the foundation for your entire customer interactions, providing high impact customer experience and market outreach.

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