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New innovaphone IPXX11 gateway generation


          The new generation of VoIP gateways is extremely powerful. With significantly more memory and a powerful CPU, along with software tailored specifically to the hardware, they fulfil all necessary tasks in record time.

          The innovaphone gateways serve as an interface to other networks, at the same time they provide the hardware platform for the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system and the Unified Communications solution. They can also be used as a Session Border Controller (SBC) and Reverse Proxy, in combination with other features or as a dedicated device. The components are sized generously and lean software structures mean the gateways are extremely powerful, even when they fulfill the PBX and Unified Communications solution tasks in parallel.

          All of the gateways, which provide a platform for the innovaphone PBX, are equipped with an internal slot for SSD memory. The computing power of the gateways is designed so that they can also easily operate a Linux Application Platform. Thus, there is virtually no limit to the number and scope of possible additional applications. In addition to the commonly used codecs, the innovaphone gateways also support the modern Opus codec that realises HD voice at low bandwidth. Thus, they are ideally suited for audio and video conferencing via VoIP.

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