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innovaphone IP112: the all rounder IP phone
The IP112 is an all rounder that is perfect for telephony and unified communications usage. The intuitive innovaphone operating concept comes into play perfectly thanks to the large colour screen and the 16 function keys and 32 partner keys. The user is conveniently guided through the various functions and apps. In comparison to the IP111... more 
innovaphone IP111: with large color screen suitable for wall mounting
The innovaphone IP111 IP phone succeeds the previous proven IP110, which it replaces in the lower price segment. In terms of performance, however, the IP111 focuses more on the IP222 and IP232 design phones – offering the latest features for telephony and unified communications. The new intuitive V11 operating concept comes into play... more 
innovaphone IP232: Modern IP phone with a touch colour display
The innovaphone IP232 IP phone unites a very modern design with groundbreaking technological details. It belongs to the innovaphone design telephone product range that won the coveted "red dot award: product design". The IP phone has both a touch screen and a large colour screen. At first glance the innovative cradle of the IP232 IP phone... more 
innovaphone IP222: Designer IP phone with colour display and function keys
The IP222 telephone unites a very modern design with groundbreaking technological details. It belongs to the innovaphone product family that won the popular "red dot award: product design". At first glance, the innovative handset cradle is particularly striking, suggesting the handset is floating. The IP222 has a large colour display with... more 
innovaphone IP241: Extendable IP phone with colour display

The new wideband G.722 audio standard has been implemented with this telephone. It enables voice quality to be better than comparable ISDN telephones and sets completely new quality criteria with MOS values >4.5.

The IP241 has been optimised for operation on the innovaphone PBX and can use all of the telephone system’s features. It... more 

innovaphone IP240: Extendable IP phone with alphanumeric keyboard
The IP240 IP telephone has an ergonomic integrated alphanumeric keyboard. It enables you to select names quickly using the dial-by-name feature. The flexible LDAP interface to databases and directories enables large databases to be checked and provided at top speed. The selection is narrowed down with every letter typed in, until the required... more 
innovaphone IP150: IP telephone with sturdy and weather-proof housing
innovaphone even has an IP telephone suitable for harsh conditions. With its weatherproof housing, which is in addition protected against vandalism, the innovaphone IP150 IP phone is well prepared for use in factories or for outdoor use. Nothing can harm the IP150 IP phone - not water spray, not high humidity, not even dust or high mechanical... more 
innovaphone IP2X2-X: extension module for IP222 and IP232 phones
Would you like to see all of your favourites on your phone, just like on myPBX? The IP2X2-X phone extension module allows you to access all your Favourites on a permanent basis, even if you are only using the phone to transfer a call or for consultation. The Favourites are automatically transfered and the extension module is installed... more 
myPBX (WebRTC)
There is a new buzzword in the IT industry: WebRTC. Web browsers are currently being extended by adding the function “Real Time Communication”. This allows real time connections to be transmitted for voice and video. As of Version 11, all devices on the innovaphone PBX are compatible with the browsers that already support WebRTC. Voice... more 
innovaphone Software Phone: IP Telephony with a computer
A traditional work place typically looks like this: A desk is equipped with computer, keyboard, mouse and desk phone. For a start, that is all the employee needs to get on with his work. But there are jobs where the computer is so fundamental, that an IP phone that works without a computer, is not at all necessary. This can apply, for example, to... more 
myPBX mobile
myPBX mobile is the browser solution for all mobile devices to be integrated perfectly in the innovaphone PBX. myPBX mobile is a combination of innovaphone Mobility and the innovaphone Unified Communications client myPBX. myPBX, the Unified Communications client on the innovaphone PBX can be used as a web application on all browsers and operating... more 
myPBX Apps (Android / iOS)
Full flexibility with myPBX apps. They are available as dedicated apps for the Android and iOS operating systems. They turn smartphones (iPhone) and tablets (iPad) into an innovaphone device in an instant. The apps include a software phone which can be used for making calls via Internet Protocol (IP). Numerous unified communications... more 
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