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          A call center should quickly connect customers to the right people, enabling effective communication between a company and its customers. The Voxtron Communication Center is certified for use with the SAP CRM system and can be connected via the SAP ICI interface. This enables a standardized connection for fast, effective customer care.

          The SAP CRM system allows companies to connect contact center software from various suppliers. So they can select the contact center solution which is best suited to their needs and budget.

          The systems are connected via the SAP-defined ICI interface. Contact center manufacturers can have their products certified for this interface. ICI stands for Integrated Communication Interface and is used to link the different communication channels with SAP CRM. The SAP CRM web client then replaces the contact center client, so that only the SAP client is used for operation.


          The Voxtron Communication Center is certified for the ICI interface. The modular software can be easily and flexibly implemented exactly in accordance with a company’s requirements, as can subsequent adaptations and enhancements. This versatility makes the Voxtron Communication Center perfect for agile, growing companies.

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