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          The Tikal’s award-winning Contact Center platform delivers all the benefits of large custom-built systems at a competitive cost and reduced complexity. The company has vast experience in call center design, deployment and operation along with similiar experience with contact centers that manage mission-critical systems.

          Today, with the Tikal Contact Center, the direct correlation between great service and business success is now within the reach of SMBs and mid-market companies.

          The features of the Tikal Contact Center have been designed with effective and intuitive operations as a top priority. The system can be easily and efficiently deployed as a complete contact center solution in a short period of time, enabling immediate use of the system, which is a great saving by itself.

          The Tikal Contact Center can be provided as a fully integrated system with an advanced, feature-rich communication system (the Tikal PBX system).

          The Tikal Contact Center provides the following main turnkey capabilities:

Real-time monitoring, control and reporting
Tikal Contact Center includes a comprehensive set of tools for managers to monitor and control in real-time all contact center activities. For instance, managers can monitor and adjust call routing processes and queue management parameters in real-time in response to current contact volumes. In addition, managers can listen to actual calls and provide advice directions by voice or text to agents through whispering and internal chat features. The Tikal Contact Center also includes a full library of predefined reports as well as a reporting engine that can create customized reports based on any system parameter in real-time during the ongoing activity.
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
A complete CTI including an Agent-Desktop that enhanced agent productivity is included with the Tikal Center. This CTI creates a unified working environment by providing all relevant tools and contact information such as relevant, real-time CRM data and a softphone.
Built-in call recording
With the Tikal Contact Center, all conversations can be automatically recorded, labelled and tagged. All recorded calls are stored and are available in a searchable database for both customer support and compliance purposes. The search and playback features are straightforward and available to both managers and agents.
Automatic and power dialers
The automatic and power dialers included in the Tikal Contact Center improve both agent and overall contact center productivity. These full-featured dialers enable managers to initiate, track, schedule and report on outbound calls. The dialers include important predictive dialing features, scripting workflows, voice detection capabilities and a redial engine. Managers also have control over routing selected numbers to specific agents.
Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Included in the Tikal Contact Center solution is a multi-level IVR programming system that enables customer self-service and caller information gathering options to be configured. The IVR programming can be changed at any time for routing and prioritization optimization.
Real-Time Dashboards
The Tikal Contact Center contains valuable dashboards to provide managers with real-time monitoring. These dashboards can be configured to monitor any contact center activities relating to time utilizations and necessary KPI.
APIs for integration with major ERP, CRM or BI systems
The Tikal Contact Center is an open solution that includes a full set of APIs for seamless integration with popular CRM, ERP and BI packages.
New Enhanced Speech Analytics
Innovative speech analytics capabilities have recently been integrated into the Tikal Contact Center solution. This speech analytics technology is language-independent, fully automated and operates in real-time. These new capabilities track emotions during a conversation and expand the usage of the Tikal Contact Center with improved service monitoring, campaign management and employee evaluation.
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