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Excellence in Customer Interaction

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Tikal has the solution to efficiently and effectively manage your outbound customer interactions, including any marketing, sales and collection campaigns. A key advantage in our outbound solution is the automatic dialer that enables you to shorten the idle time of your agents and increase efficiency significantly. Our advanced set of features enable to you get better results and grow your business faster with: 
  • Advanced autodialer including call generation,

      response analysis and call routing 

  • Broadcasting for automated campaigns with or without customer feedback

  • Agent Desktop with API to the CRM for unified working environment

  • CTI - Agent Desktop 

  • Call recording

  • Call listening and whispering

  • Softphone

  • Remote agents for work from home

  • Real-time monitoring tools

  • Full library of historical reports

  • Cloud and on-premise deployment options

  • For cloud deployments, you only need computer, Internet connection and a headset and you are ready to go


The Tikal Contact Center and the outbound solution are easy to configure and intuitive to use. The Tikal Contact Center contains robust functionality to support all outbound customer interaction requirements and comes with a full set of open APIs for integration with popular ERP, CRM or BI systems.

By using the Tikal Contact Center solution, you can use your outbound customer interactions to expand market reach, improve sales and grow your business.

Our solution can be deployed on premise or as a cloud service, where all you need is a computer, Internet connectivity and a headset to grow your business.

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