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PBX System

The Tikal PBX System is a comprehensive telephony system for enterprises and government organizations. The Tikal PBX System delivers reliable, feature-rich IP-PBX capabilities using an open source Asterisk server. The system can be provided on premise with off-the-shelf hardware or as a cloud-based solution in a SaaS model.

Tikal Networks is a premier SMB to enterprise IP-PBX supplier with wide installation experience. Our system serves hundreds of companies in daily, mission critical telephony operations.

The Tikal PBX System has a wide range of features. The system’s base features are a complete Asterisk set with additional application features that have been added by Tikal.


The number of features and additional application is massive and is continuously growing. When designing, configuring and operating your system, you do not have to trade off system costs for performance or reliability. Features can be added with any future upgrades. Some features may need more computing, storage or network resources. These can also be added at any future upgrade.


Features which until now have only been available in large high-cost systems are now available to every user at virtually no cost. In addition, Tikal has vast experience in deliverying solutions for multisite organizations. Branches or small satellite operations are easily connected to the main Tikal PBX System and enjoy the same feature-rich operation. We can easily provide global corporate’s sites over various locations with one unified and capable phone systems.


The list below provides the features list of the Tikal PBX System. Telephony terminology can be complex. Please contact Tikal for more detailed explanations. This list is provided for design and specification purposes only.


Call Details Records - calls are logged including source number, destination number, call duration, date, time and more


Call Forward on Busy - calls are automatically forwarded to another extension or phone if the phone is busy


Call Forward on No Answer - calls are automatically forwarded to another extension or phone if not answered after a defined number of rings


Call Parking - calls to be ‘parked’ on a special extension and then picked up by a third party by dialing in to that extension


Call Recording - calls can be recorded for later playback


Call Retrieval - calls can be sent by page to the correct person who then can pick up the call


Call Routing - calls can be directed to the correct extension based on a Direct In Dial (DID) number


Call Transfer - calls can be transferred to another extension


Call Waiting - calls be switched between two simultaneous calls


Caller ID - calls can include a display the callers phone number on the phones screen


Caller ID Blocking - calls can be blocked based on the callers phone number


Caller ID on Call Waiting - calls can include the phone number of a second caller while talking to the first caller


Conference Bridging - a conference call between multiple parties at multiple locations using different phones, such as a conference call a local extension, remote fixed line, mobile and VoIP connection all in one conference can be created


Database Integration - access to a database can be created so that during a call information, such as a customers outstanding balance or Asterisk can whisper the callers balance or name in your ear just before putting the caller through


Do Not Disturb - incoming calls are can automatically be routed to voicemail, reception or alternate extension


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - advanced system for call handling allows callers to navigate a menu system by dialing a number offered from a range of options and includes payment options for entering credit card details


Music on Hold - allows music to played while on hold from selection of music tracks that are shipped with the system


Music on Transfer - plays music when transferring calls between extensions


Remote Call Pickup - call can be picked up at a remote location


Termination (calling minutes) - includes the ability to call any global destinations at attractive prices


Global DIDs - includes the ability to use and add access numbers worldwide


Monitoring service - includes 24/7 NOC services

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