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          The frustration of calling a contact center and being faced with a string of voice menus and options may not be the best experience, especially when your customer is using a mobile or smart device. To give customers the mobility and access they need Voxtron has introduced Mobile IVR Navigator; which quickly allows a user on any device to participate in a self-service session through a mobile app.

The app visually navigates customers through your customer service options seamlessly offering your customers a better end-user experience and reducing customer frustration.


          There are officially more mobile devices than people in the world, home to 7.2 billion gadgets and with people spending more time using their smartphones for surfing the web, checking social networks or playing games than making phone calls.

          The need to provide your customers with an app experience is more important than ever offering a mobile IVR service via mobile devices allows users to participate more easily in self-service options on the go, and, most importantly, at their own convenience.

  • Increase customer satisfaction: Allow customers to visually access their preferred communication channel and view availability/wait times for each.

  • Reduce call times: Assure customers only connect once an agent has been secured through virtual queueing. Use pre-interaction time to capture key information.

  • Increase the number of correctly-routed calls: Reduce the number of times callers “zero-out” to bypass voice menus by making IVR navigation more user friendly.

  • Reduce quantity of calls into your contact center: Provide a more intuitive, visual self-service option that entices customers to handle more inquiries through agent-less channels.

  • Increase IVR platform capacity: Add visual navigation capabilities without reducing voice capacity of your current IVR.

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