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          The innovaphone VoIP gateway forms the basis of the innovaphone IP telephony and Unified Communications solution. It is available in various versions and is equipped with different licenses depending on the model. The PBX software is already pre-installed on the innovaphone VoIP gateway and only has to be activated with the appropriate licenses. 


          Regardless of this, the devices can also assume the functionality of a pure gateway, serving as an interface to other networks and converting existing ISDN, SIP or analogue connections to IP connections. All innovaphone VoIP gateways are very robustly built – their hardware has absolutely no hard disks or fans. The components are sized generously and lean software structures mean the VoIP gateways are extremely powerful, even when they fulfill the PBX task in parallel. The stability of the VoIP gateway is also reflected in the design of the housing made of brushed stainless steel.

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