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          The innovaphone VoIP gateways provide the interface to other networks whilst, at the same time, providing the hardware platform for the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system software. All VoIP gateways are very robustly built. The hardware has absolutely no hard drives or fans. The generous dimension of the components and lean software structures mean the VoIP gateways are highly performant despite the fact that they fulfil the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system tasks in parallel. The brushed stainless steel housing reflects the stability of the gateways. Currently, innovaphone has 8 VoIP gateways: innovaphone IP6013, IP38, IP311, IP411, IP811, IP3011, IP0011 and IP1130.

          All new innovaphone gateways in the "           " range are equipped with the following features:

  • Linux AP included on each gateway

  • Larger memory

  • Standard with Gigabit Ethernet

  • mSATA slot for SSD hard drive

  • Opus voice codec

innovaphone IP6013: High-Performance VoIP Gateway for Large Installations and UC Solutions
The IP6013 VoIP gateway offers the most powerful hardware platform to this date within the innovaphone gateway range. With a capacity of up to 25,000 users, it is perfectly suited for extensive installations as well as for headquarters with branch offices. It is also ideally suited for smooth migration scenarios and the integration of DECT systems - for example in the healthcare sector... more 
innovaphone IP38: VoIP Gateway with eight analogue interfaces (FXO)
The innovaphone IP38 is an analogue VoIP gateway of the innovaphone product family. In contrast to the other innovaphone VoIP gateways, the IP38 has no ISDN interfaces. It is equipped with 8 analogue... more 
innovaphone IP0011: VoIP Gateway for pure SIP environments
The “secret weapon” SBC, Reverse Proxy, Media Relay and PBX. With the new IP0011 gateway, innovaphone now provides a well priced and performant platform for well-known and new... more 
innovaphone IP311: analogue VoIP gateway with integrated analogue adapter
PBX and UC in one box for analogue Office connections or ALL IP. The IP311 is the only innovaphone gateway with analogue trunk channels and provides additional internal analogue... more 
innovaphone IP411: VoIP gateway for two BRI ISDN interfaces
PBX and UC in one box for ISDN connections or ALL IP. The IP411 replaces the IP302 and the IP305 with two BRI interfaces to the trunk and also has internal analogue ports. This gateway already... more 
innovaphone IP811: Powerful VoIP gateway for unified communications without needing a server
Future proof hardware concept including conferencing channels. The IP811, which replaces both the old IP800 and the IP810 with five BRI ports and ten conference channels, is a powerful mid-range... more 
innovaphone IP3011: VoIP gateway with one PRI ISDN interface
New top model for ISDN connections or All IP. The IP3011 replaces the IP3010 and has 1 PRI interface to the trunk and also has 30 conference channels. Successor of the IP3010 Recommended for... more 
innovaphone IP1130: pure media gateway with a PRI ISDN interface
New powerful media gateway. The IP1130 replaces the IP1060 and is a powerful media gateway with 30 conference channels. The successor of the IP1060 Media gateway No PBX 30 voice channels... more 
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